All Chapters of Shadow Fight 3 | Acts 1 to Act 7

All Chapters of Shadow Fight 3

There are seven acts or chapters in Shadow Fight 3 mod apk, and each one features a unique plot, set of missions, boss fights, cast of characters, settings, weaponry, game modes, props, and special powers. However, the hero remains the same—he is Shadow. Let’s examine the game chapters’ specifics now.

Chapters of Shadow Fight 3 APK

The following are the titles of all Shadow Fight 3 mod chapters:

  • Legion
  • Dynasty
  • Heralds
  • Consequences
  • Shadow Island
  • Heart of the Legion
  • Chapter VII has two parts:
    • Part I: Forget the Past 
    • Part II: Behold the Future

1. Legion Storyline

In addition to 16 major objectives and 3 monster fights, the Legion camp also has 3 player lessons. The player joins the renowned Shadow Squad, who gained notoriety via the utilization of shadow energy, as a new recruit. To reach the dynasty in this chapter, the player must defeat the legion. And with June, Shadow Fight 3 mod apk unlimited everything and max level advances on the Dynasty capital after vanquishing Sarge.

2. Dynasty

Shadow Fight 3’s second chapter is called Dynasty. Out of the 17 major missions, there are 3 boss fights. The capital of the Dynasty is the setting for the second chapter. This level is more difficult than the last one, and shadow fight 3 special edition mod apk may use a variety of ranged weapons, armor, helms, shadow powers, special actions, and bonuses to take down opponents including Itu, Greta, and Kibo.

3. Heralds

Under Heralds. There are three boss battles among the fifteen primary missions. This chapter centers on the mysterious Dome of the Heralds and the events that followed the destruction of the Shadow Rig in Chapter II.

In order to find the Emperor and the shadow fight 3 mod apk unlimited money and gems Sphere and receive aid from the Heralds, June, Itu, and the player withdraw to the Dome. This knowledge is incredibly useful to the shrewd Dynasty. The Heralds’ freedom of movement within the city is disregarded by the Emperor’s household.

4. Consequence

Consequences is the title of Shadow Fight 3’s fourth chapter. After the events of Chapter III, Shibata was able to transport the player to the Sphere Temple, but it was too late. The world is in jeopardy as the Sphere has broken apart, freeing the imprisoned Shadow Mind.

There are three boss battles and twelve major missions. This chapter has a distinct introductory story, leading to a distinctive first boss as well. The player’s previous choices, made before the final boss encounter after Chapter III, shape the narrative.

After the initial boss encounter, the story continues in the same manner regardless of the choice made.

5. Shadow Island

The events of Chapter IV allowed the group to locate Ling and ask him the questions they needed to ask. Since the Shadow Mind is still present in June/Itu/Marcus, the only thing they can do to get rid of it is to find Shadow, the legendary hero and the only one capable of doing it.

After that, the player faces up against the Scourge, who swiftly establishes himself as a tough opponent. In the end, the player triumphs and vanquishes the Scourge. This chapter is named Shadow Island for this reason.

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6. Heart of the Legion

Heart of the Legion is the title of Shadow Fight 3’s sixth chapter. The team found Moira, the twin sister of the Legion Queen, who was thought to be deceased, in this chapter. Shadow saves her life, and with her assistance, the gang travels to the northern location of Moira and Marcus’s birthplace, which is home to the Legion Fortress.

The player sustains injuries after a battle with the Angel, so this is where they will determine Shadow Mind’s fate. In this nightmare, the player is interacting with Shadow Mind directly.

7. June’s Plane

This chapter of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK is divided into two sections. In the first, Forget the Past, the player utilizes a portal to travel to May’s tomb via Shadow Mind. To uncover how the planet has been wrecked in ten years, he travels there. There are 16 primary missions in this chapter, four of which include boss fights.

The Descendant and Shadow encounter each other in Behold the Future, the second section of chapter seven, where they decide the world’s fate. There are two boss fights among the eight major tasks.

This is only a synopsis of every chapter in shadow fight 3 hack mod apk. Visit our site often for updates on fresh information on shadow battle mods.

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The chapters of Shadow Fight 3 are an exhilarating ride of action and decisions, ranging from Legion’s initiation to the fate-shaping events in June’s Plane. A different aspect of the Shadow’s journey is revealed in each act. Cheers to more enigmatic adventures ahead, captivating stories, and fierce conflicts!

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