Armor of Shadow fight 2

January 11, 2024, Among the five different equipment in the game is Armor of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. The last four equipment categories consist of Magic, Ranged Weapons, Helmets, and Weapons. Protective gear amplifies the power of unarmed strikes like punches, kicks, and throws while deflecting enemy damage.

There are no enchantments on them. The Super Armor, which is exclusive to gem purchases, is the greatest. Enchantments come with this armor, and the degree of enchantment will adjust to match the player’s level at that moment. 

Every powerful Armor is discussed below to defeat bosses like Lynx and others:

Super & Standard Armor of Shadow Fight 2

Namelevel RequiredInitial State (defense Unarmed DamageCostEnhantmentAbility Stats
Robe222,8150 coins or gemsN/AN/A
Old Leather Jacket330,18630coins or gemsN/AN/A
kendo Breastplate455,431200 coins or 30 gemsN/AN/A
Fury Carapace455,4390 gemsFrenzy160
Red Doublet580,681900 coins or 35 gemsN/AN/A
Riveted jacket580,6846 gemsdamage Absorption150
Leather jacket6105,933100 coins or 40 gemsN/AN/A
Snake Harmess6105,9352 gemsRejuvenation185
Barbarian Armor7136,124560 coins or 21 gemsN/AN/A
Bronze Armor7136,12433 gemsDamage Absorption226
Apprentice’s Chainmail8161,1493400 coins or 28 gemsN/AN/A
Ronin Doublet9186,1747550 coins or 35 gemsN/AN/A
Cow’s Bane9186,174130 gemsDamage Return341
Kendo Armor10211,19911600 coins or 42 gemsN/AN/A
Scarlet Leather10211,19957 gemsOverheat331
Guard’s harmess11236,22417700 coins or gemsN/AN/A
Chainmail12261,24927100 coins or 56 gemsN/AN/A
Centurion Mail13292,2803040 coins or 27 gemsN/AN/A
Imhotep Cuirass13292,28042 gemsmagic Recharge442
Sturdy barbarian Armor14317,30515200 coins or 36 gemsN/AN/A
poetic Mendle (Special edition)14317,30536 gemsDamage Abbsorption477
Mantis Harness15342,33029600 coins or 45 gemsN/AN/A
Grand Chainmail16367,35546200 coins or 54 gemsN/AN/A
Spike Breastplate16367,35573 gemsOverheat 547
Glided Centurion Mail17392,38071600 coins or 63 gemsN/AN/A
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Armors set

These are the special equipment sets’ armors of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. Their ability to hold mythical charms makes them special. To unlock each of these armors’ corresponding fabled recipes, you must gather them along with other equipment components.

Name Level Required Initial Stats(Defense, Unarmed Damage)Obtained FromEnchantmentAbility Stats
Monk’s Robe5-5280-1333,68-1321UnderworldDamage Absorption & Tempest Rage286-1997 ( damage Absorption)
Sentinel’s Armor5-5280-1333,68-1321Chest of Souls keeperTyphoon of SpiritsN/A
Evening Sunset3-5255-1333,43-1321Battle PassCrimson CorruptionN/A
Death fall3-5255-1333,43-1321Battle PassIcy Resistance160
Heart of Kshatriya3-5255-1333,43-1321Battle PassKarmaN/A

Special Armor

These are the armor that is exclusive to certain days and occasions. Not all of them, but a few may be purchased from the store in the Special Edition area:

  • Wicked Veil
  • Mist Cloak
  • Spider King Coat
  • Voodoo Vest
  • Grim Mantle
  • Grim Baron’s coat
  • Christmas Spirit
  • Frosty Breastplate
  • Winter Breath Jacket
  • Padded Jacket
  • Sweet Cuirass
  • Poetic Mantle
  • Game Fan’s hoodie
  • Dragon Scale
  • Armor of Majesty
  • Unbreakable Gift of God
  • Festive Hoody
  • Robe of Courage
  • Jacket of Icy Tenancy
  • Coastal sunset

Unlock Equipment Set of Shadow Fight 2


In Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, armor is an essential element that improves both attack and protection during combat. Purchased with gems, the Super Armor provides unmatched advantages with flexible charms. Certain armors, such as those found in rare sets and products, provide players a tactical edge versus strong opponents like Lynx. To succeed in the difficult fights in the game, you must become proficient in the selection and use of armor sets.

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