Challengers of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 challengers are powerful, proficient combatants. They intended to push Shadow to put his skills and abilities to the test and see whether or not everything they had heard about him was correct. There are many tournament stages with three rounds of 99 seconds for battling with challengers, and the venues are current ACT duels.

Shadow Fight 2 Challengers List

The following list includes the seven challengers in total:

1. Trickster


He is renowned for his quickness and agility and is a proficient martial artist and assassin. Trickster is a master of deceit and misdirection as well, outwitting his opponents with quick reflexes and cunning.

He is regarded as one of the game’s hardest Challengers and a powerful opponent. You’ll need to move quickly and precisely in order to overcome Trickster, as well as have the ability to predict and counter his cunning strategies.

When he gets to level 5, he challenges shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk. He has white hair, is a haughty man, and is a skilled fighter who will offer you his weapons as a prize if you defeat him. In the event that you lose, you have two options. If you win, you will receive a pair of Nunchaku. You have two options: you may either end the fight now or keep trying, spending three gems each time. On your eleventh attempt you will lose 30 gems, if you lose more than ten times.

  • The trickster is a very haughty and conceited challenger. Even though he lost against Shadow, he still has respect for Shadow in his heart despite calling him a vulgar copycat. 
  • Nunchackus is his primary weapon. His helmet is a conical cap, and his armor is a red doublet.
  • He’s getting too enchanted.

2. Hawk


In Act 2 of the game Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, Hawk is the second challenger. He is a courteous, level-headed competitor who seeks out individuals with skill rather than brute force. In addition, Hawk is well-known for his strong kicks and acrobatics, which he employs to great advantage when fighting. Before you battle him, you must advance to levels 8–11. Hawk is one of the best challenger of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK.

Hawk stated that he has been searching for a deserving opponent for a considerable amount of time from land. He thought that the use of talents was more crucial than force.

He will give you his weapon, the Naginata, as a prize for beating him. You are left with two options if you lose, you have two options: you may either end the fight now or keep trying, spending three gems each time. You will lose 30 gems on your eleventh attempt if you lose more than ten times.

  • His primary weapon is a naginata, and his armor is a snake harness.
  • He wears the Snake Mask for the Helmet.
  • His charm is his blood rage.

3. Rose


The third player to enter the game is Rose. She is a graceful and agile martial artist with great skill. When you get to levels 13–16, you can challenge her. She wishes to defend her lord because she is Butcher’s favorite wife. She will give you her weapon, the Katana if you defeat her in combat.

Identical to other players You are left with two options if you lose: you may either end the fight now or keep trying, spending three gems each time.

If you lose more than ten times then you will lose 30 gems on your eleventh attempt. Rose is renowned for her skill with a range of weapons, including sais, tonfas, and nunchucks.

  • Her primary weapon is the Katana.
  • Her armor is a snake harness, and her helmet is a steel helmet.
  • She utilizes Hunter’s Knives for close-quarters combat.
  • She’s getting too enchanted.

4. Fisher


The fourth opponent in Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK is Fisher. After the player reaches levels 20–23, he issues a challenge. He claimed to have fought pirates for a very long period.

Fisher will give you his weapon, the Wanderer’s Staff, as payment for your victory. He is an expert with several weapons, such as nunchucks, sais, and bo staffs.

  • Fisher’s primary weapon is the Wanderer’s Staff, and his armor is Radiant Platemail.
  • His helmet is called Silver Kabuto, and he wields Weighted Shurikens for ranged assaults.
  • He is a Magic user as well. He employs Weakness as his enchantment and utilizes Dark Blast as his magic.

5. Outcast


The sixth opponent in Shadow Fight 2 APK Mod is called Outcast. Once you get to levels 26–29, you can challenge him. He offers to break the player’s head in half with Kusarigama and mentions distributing Knuckle Sandwiches to local blunderers.

Outcast, the formidable adversary, wields a katana and excels in a range of martial arts techniques. To overcome such a strong opponent, you will have to apply every trick in the book. He will give you his weapon, Heavy Kusarigama if you defeat him.

  • He doesn’t wear a helmet, wearing armor made of Glided Platemain, and his primary weapon is a Heavy Kusarigama.
  • He mostly employs Kunai and Lightning Arrow as magic for ranged strikes.
  • Precision enchants him.

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6. Ronin


Act 6 is when you will confront Ronin, the sixth challenger. He saw Shadow as the Prince who had murdered his master and was now seeking retribution. He claimed after losing that since shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk beat him without using any unfair tactics, the fight with his master had to be fair as well.

Along with his proficiency in martial arts methods, he also excels in hand-to-hand fighting. In addition, he has a high damage tolerance and a rapid healing rate. He also possesses a great deal of endurance, so even when his health is low, he can fight on.

  • Dadao is Ronin’s primary weapon.
  • He doesn’t wear a helmet and uses a rivered jacket as armor.
  • employ Kunai of Winds as his long-range tool.
  • He employs Bloodrage as his enchantment and Water Ball as his magic.

7. Nova


After you get to levels 40–42 in Act 7, you will meet Nova, the seventh Challenger in the game. Her eyes are demon-like, full of white, and she exudes mystery.

The main enemy of the game, the enigmatic group known as “The Inner Circle,” hires this expert assassin to assassinate the Shadow. She will reward you with her weapon if you overcome her. Knobs with spines.

  • She employs poisoning as her spell.
  • She also wields a pair of daggers and kusarigama, a sort of Japanese sickle with a chain attached, as ranged weapons.

Advice for Gamers

The goal of the game is to overcome these competitors, who are extremely strong and skilled combatants. In order to launch an effective assault, practice your skills and combinations and be prepared for battle. If you are experiencing problems beating them, don’t give up. Determine their routines and weak points in order to avoid using your special techniques and powers too early in the battle and to prevent incurring needless damage.


In the fighting game Shadow Fight 2 special edition, players take against Challengers with special abilities and tactics. Every fight requires them to be precise and flexible, which earns them weapons like the Wanderer’s Staff, Katana, and Naginata. But failure has a price, and persistence is essential. Players must hone their abilities, research their opponents, and use sound strategies in order to defeat formidable opponents like Trickster and Nova. Learn from failures, and success relies on identifying trends and capitalizing on flaws.

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