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Who is Lynx in Shadow Fight 2? In Shadow Fight 2 special edition mod APK, lynx is the demon. Lynx is the 1st demon boss you will fight and defeat in the game. You must first defeat Lynx’s five bodyguards to defeat lynx. Lynx Shadow Fight 2 APK leads an assassin group named “The Order.”
He is the only character with the time bomb magic feature on his weapon. Lynx has a classic ninja look wearing a mask and gilded black armor, his eyes and the top of his nose are visible because of the plated armor and his mask. His helmet, waist, and shoulder all bear devil symbols.

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, lynx wears a helmet that hides his mouth and nose, in the old wound era, He wears a piece of black cloth, and his clothes have patches of light gray, sleeveless, and gold accents.
Lynx styled his black hair into a bun, covered his biceps and elbows in black material, and wore light silver dazzling armor on his forearms. Mod Shadow Fight 2 lynx pupils are different from the Shadow Fight’s timeline. His armor feature is a symbol, like Hermit’s armor. The honor is proof of his arrogance that he is superior to others.
Despite her arrogance and assumption that most humans are fools, Lynx appreciates the assassin’s command since he knows better and is convinced that he will never lose control of the group once he realizes that Shadow is only concerned with the bears and seals. Assassins revere and dread Shadow Fight 2 Lynx for his combat skill and ferocity.

How Can You Defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition?

Lynx is a skilled and strong fighter in close-quarters battle, he attacks with strong agility and strength. If you are not paying attention you will never escape his spin kicks, this is one of his most dangerous moves.

how is lynx?

Some tips are given below on how you can defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK:

Avoid His Attacks

Avoid Lynx Attack

Lynx is a strong and fast fighter, you must avoid his blows and move quickly. Avoid lynx shadow fight 2 Mod APK punches and kicks you will be in a much better position to fight back and win the battle.

Make Effective Use of Your Punches and Kicks

Lynx is fast and strong

Lynx is a formidable opponent. Use your punches and kicks well, you can beat him easily, and try some powerful punches and kicks to knock him down.

Avoid Lynx Spin Kick

You will have a great chance to defeat Lynx Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. If you can defeat his spin kick. Keep him at a distance, and make a safe distance with the help of your punches and kicks.

Best Of Luck in your fight Against Lynx

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