shadow fight 2 Titan Boss

In this article, you can learn about how can you defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK, First Utilize the armor and weaponry you’ve gathered to destroy Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK Special Edition. Attack Titan’s feeble defense while avoiding his strong blows. You can beat him by dodging his blows and lowering his defense. Reduce Titan’s defense using your skills and talents, then use your abilities to beat him. Don’t forget to employ your skills and talents to defeat Shadow Fight 2 titan mod APK terrible foe.

Unique Equipment

You can defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition by using unique equipment, including armor, strong weapon, and access to powerful unique magic. Shadow Fight 2 Titan mod apk unlimited money and gems is a powerful opponent, but you can defeat Titan with the best practice and preparation.

shadow fight 2 Unique Weapons

With the help of unique weapons you can easily defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2, so choose the best and strongest weapon of shadow fight 2 mod apk unlimited everything and max level, the amazingly best weapon for this battle is the sword of hope, the spear of justice, and the Axe of doom. These unique weapons have the power to harm shadow fight 2 special edition titan mod apk, so choose your favorite weapon to defeat Titan. You need powerful armor also, Armor of valor is the most powerful and best armor for this battle. Armor of valor will have the ability to protect you from the titan’s attacks and give you strength.

Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition (TIPS)

  • With no loss you can defeat Titan with a significant enhancement on gear, although if you block Titan’s damage, his strong and regenerative defense could take you out, he has the power to take over your mind even if you are too far away.
  • My personal favored weapons are tonfas, blades, and sticks that can be used quickly, on the shield of titan enhancements for gear such as moments poisoning, bleeding, bomb, and freezy. All of these enhancements have serious damage that can not be ignored.
  • My 3rd suggestion is the usage of damage retention and regeneration, the choice to disable the effects of any abilities that carry on battling and hit you at some levels. If you are firing at close range, magic and running are useless. Go ahead and grab them if you want them.

Use these strategies to defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Strategy to Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK

The method looks strange at first, but after you start fighting him, you’ll get the hang of it. Attack him repeatedly and chase after him. He can’t move back because of his huge, bulky body, therefore my recommendation is to keep attacking him.
You can definitely defeat Titan without loss with the right level of training and fighting style.

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How to Unlock Titan in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK.


To obtain the required shadow worlds and charms, you simply need to put in a little effort. However, this is the most effective method to defeat the Titan, if these techniques were ineffective for you in any way, I apologize, but in my experience, this method works the best. Titan will benefit from those who were unable to confront them.

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