Defeat Hermit

Hermit in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

Let’s Begin with how to defeat Hermit In Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, Hermit is the chief of all devils. If you want to defeat a hermit, you need enough training and experience in martial arts, because hermits can trounce you with their strong martial arts skills.
After building his school hermit arranges a competition to choose the best example of his unique and strange power skills, the opponents are guards of a hermit.
There are a total of 5 contestants, 4 of them are fighters who have to discover their unique strengths and show their advantages. The 5th fighter has to destroy these 4 fighters.

How can you Defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK?

Here! Let me tell you how you can trounce Hermit, you have to follow some steps to defeat Hermit in Shadow Fight 2 special edition mod APK.

  • You have to avoid the hermit’s magic tricks, he will come back soon when he starts to think and wait for sound, after this hit quickly to stop them from hitting you.
  • Keep calm down while fighting hermit, (be aggressive to stop him from meditation). He will fall while using his perk when pricked, now rush headshots and fires.
  • Don’t be afraid while fighting; keeping calm is also a pivotal point in defeating a hermit. A hermit is weaker than other demons and bosses. He can’t block your powerful attack, if a hermit tries to pass you and wait for the animation to end after the hermit’s attack, he will be weak and defendable for a moment. Attack hermit right now.
  • Success!


You have to use long-range weapons with unique combo weapons of Shadow Fight 2 special edition. Both are important.
Some recommendations are given below.

  1. Blood reaper
  2. Blade Tonfas
  3. kusarigama
  4. magari yari
  5. shogun Katana
  6. widow’s fans

Making sure to be defensive is the best way to win, keep attacking efficiently. And try getting perfect.

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