SF 2 standard ranged weapons

SF 2 standard ranged weapons are upgradeable and may be purchased using gems, coins, platinum, or credit, nevertheless, they lack enchantments. These SF 2 standard ranged weapons are more effective than other weapons. Download the Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK to get everything unlocked and for free.
The following is a list of every SF 2 Standard Ranged Weapons:


Shurikens as silent allies

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, Shurikens serve as silent allies, delivering precision strikes from a distance. They transform players into true ninja masters of ranged warfare, resembling shadows in the night.



The Kunai is a multipurpose weapon that may change the course of a battle in “shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk” going beyond just being a straightforward throwing knife. The kunai gives players a distinct and deadly advantage in close combat thanks to its sharp edges and quick blows. Discover how this weapon may become your dependable ally in the Shadows as we axplore the Kinai universe.

Hunter’s Knives

hunter's knives

Hunter’s Knives appear as the silent allies of covert assassins in the shadowy arenas of shadow fight 2 special edition apk. In the world of shadows, these twin swords represent accuracy and lethal skill with their predatory elegance.

Broken Hearts

broken hearts

Broken hearts are strong weapons in “Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK” that add strength and suffering to combat. Their distinctive construction and lethal skills may crush foes and rekindle the will to fight, adding a heartbreaking edge to battle strategy.

Silver Shuriken

silver shuriken

The Silver Shuriken is a weapon that, in “Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition,” represents accuracy and competence because of its fine workmanship and pointed edges. Learn its technique to become a genuine shadow fighter and learn the in-game universe’s secrets behind this weapon.

Steel Darts

steel darts

The Steel Darts is a dangerous weapon that exudes accuracy in the shadows of combat. Opponents are shaken in their wake as these Soviet missiles dance through the air.

Weighted Shurikens

weighted shurikens

The Weighted Shurikens are the rumored myths of quiet savagery in the murky world of Shadow Fight 2 Mod. These perfectly balanced throwing stars represent the skill of stealth and accuracy in battle, slicing through the night like fleeting phantoms.

Throwing Spikes

throwing spikes

Throwing Spikes appear as the ominous warning screams in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK shadows. These seemingly harmless missiles have the ability to puncture the night with lethal accuracy, elevating stealth to an art form and reducing enemies to mere shadows of who they once were.



The Needles represent silent, quick retaliation in the covert environment of Shadow Fight 2 APK. These dainty, delicate weapons are the preferred implements of individuals who weave shadow fight 2 real mod apk into their weapons, delivering a poisonous sting that sends enemies quaking in the dark.

Ghostly Kunai

ghostly kunai

The Ghostly Kunai are the phantom blades that stalk enemies’ dreams in Shadow Fight 2’s ethereal world. These elusive weapons move through the shadows with an unearthly elegance, terrifying anybody who dares to face their ethereal wielders.

Ancient Chakram

ancient chakram

The Ancient Chakram, a relic of unmatched might, is revealed in the arcane mythology of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. In the hands of a competent warrior, it transforms into a circular vortex of devastation, smashing enemies and legends alike. It is supposed to have been created by vanished artisans who managed to capture the very spirit of old martial techniques.

Kunai of the Wind

kunai of the wind

The kunai of the Wind are wielding the fury of the breeze with silent, lethal grace in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. They are like whispers of nature’s anger. In the hands of their master, these swords dance through the darkness like a fast, ruthless storm.

Dragon Wings

dragon wings

Dragon Wings represent mystical power in the world of Shadow Fight 2 Mok APK unlimited everything and max level. Armed with these magnificent weapons, soldiers may fly over fight with the strength and dexterity of a dragon, leaving a path of legends in their wake.

Keen Chakram

keen chakram

The Keen Chakram shines like a predator’s sight in the gloomy Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK battlefield. The people who pursue their enemies with calculating precision use these razor-edged discs as their primary weapons, whirling through the shadows to deliver devastating blows with pinpoint accuracy.

Weighed Kunai

weighed kunai

The Weighted Kunai is the quiet agent of planned destruction in Shadow Fight 2’s covert realm. The weapons of choice for shady assassins, these expertly balanced throwing knives deliver their lethal message with pinpoint accuracy, making every blow matter in the dance of shadows.

Throwing Sickles

throwing sickles

Throwing Sickles become audible in the Shadow Fight 2 Special edition Mod APK arenas as the ominous gloomy murmurs. These shadow-slicing reapers of souls, fashioned like crescents, expose the menacing expertise of those who wield them while leaving enemies to face their impending doom in the shadows.

Throwing Axes

throwing axes

Throwing axes embody both strength and dexterity in the harsh environment of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. These lethal weapons, emblazoned with unwavering resolve, rip through the night with a merciless rage, forcing foes to face the unwavering might of their bearers.

Circular Saws

circular saws

Circular Saws, destructive whirlwinds, emerge in Shadow Fight 2 Hack’s perilous venues. These swords, guided by experts, pay chilling tribute to wielders’ ferocity and accuracy.

Lotos of Pain

lotos of pain

The Lotos of Pain emerges as a menacing representation of torture in Shadow Fight 2’s dark world. In the hands of their malicious wielders, these twisted and thorny instruments weave a macabre symphony of agony, trapping enemies in their terrible grasp in the shadows. These instruments serve as harbingers of sorrow.



Snowballs may appear frivolous in Shadow Fight 2’s cold arenas, but their sting is a terrifying surprise. Battles become a wintry sight of planned devastation in the shadows when smart opponents use these seemingly innocuous missiles to frost their opponents’ spirits.

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Precision and planning are paramount while using the varied ranged weapons in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. The variety of weapons used in battle, from Shurikens to Circular Saws, reflects martial arts proficiency and inspires stories in the enigmatic world of shadows.

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