Enemies Perks & Enchantments

Enter the world of tactical battle in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, where you’ll face opponents with special skills and spells. Use characters like the temporarily disappearing Lynx or the bodyguard-calling Shogun to unleash plans. Take part in intense combat to obtain desired items and Shadow Orbs, all the while battling opponents that have unique SF 2 perks & enchantments, guaranteeing a difficult and captivating encounter.



  • Weapon: Lynx Claws
  • Ranged Weapon: Throwing daggers
  • Magic: Force Wave

Perks and Enchantments

1. Invisibility

Lynx backs away and covers himself with a smoke bomb to become invisible. Lynx will remain invisible until she sustains significant damage from several attacks or receives a critical blow from any direction. He won’t employ magic or ranged missiles during this time.

2. Time Bomb

With the Time Bomb enchantment on his claws and ranged weapon, Lynx may use them to set off a delayed explosive on Shadow that will explode in two seconds.

3. Poisoning

The Poisoning enchantment on Lynx’s Claws and ranged weapon has the potential to cause Shadow to lose 3% of their health per second for five seconds following a hit.



  • Weapon: Hermit’s Swords
  • Ranged Weapon: Needles
  • Magic: Water Ball

Perks and Enchantments

1. Lightning Storm

Hermit may levitate and meditate to employ a deadlier magic. He will twist his swords to target Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK before he fully levitates, leaving him open to lightning blows until Shadow is vanquished or Hermit breaks his levitation. The lightning bolt does not deal with Head Hit or Critical Damage since it is regarded as a magic attack.

2. Enfeeble

Because of the Enfeeble enchantment on Hermit’s swords and ranged weapons, he may reduce Shadow’s strikes’ potency by 75% following a successful hit.

3. Magic Recharge

Because of the Magic Recharge enchantment on his helm and armor, Hermit may raise his magic recharge by 700% when he is struck.



  • Weapon: Butcher’s Knives
  • Ranged Weapon: Chakram
  • Magic: Dark Implosion

Perks and Enchantments

1. Earthquake

By stomping the ground, Butcher may unleash a powerful earthquake that will knock Shadow to the ground and deal damage to him. Jumping or punching Butcher before he reaches the ground is the only way to avoid it. It does not deal with Critical or Head Damage since it is regarded as a magic attack.

2. Bleeding

The Bleeding enchantment on Butcher’s Knives and ranged weapons has the potential to cause Shadow to lose 6% of their health over 5 seconds following a hit.

3. Frenzy

Butcher has a chance to enhance his melee damage by 150% for five seconds after being attacked thanks to the Frenzy spell on his head and torso.



  • Weapon: Wasp’s Naginata
  • Ranged Weapon: Shurikens of night
  • Magic: Fire Pillar

Perks and Enchantments

1. Flying

Wasp has a special flying benefit. If she is pushed near enough to it during the battle, she can use it to catapult herself off of either wall, grow wings, and soar, impaling Shadow with the naginata. The attack may be hopped over at the right time, or players can roll forward or backward or duck to escape it. Although there is very little time to do so, players can also tackle Wasp right before she launches off the wall to stop the attack.

2. Precision

Wasp may do more damage on Critical Hits thanks to her enhanced Precision-enchanted naginata and ranged weapon.

3. Damage Return

With each strike, Wasp’s armor and helmet can return 85% of the damage inflicted on Shadow thanks to the Damage Return enchantment.



  • Weapon: Widow’s fans
  • Ranged Weapon: Assassin’s Daggers
  • Magic: Ice Pillar

Perks and Enchantments

1. Teleportation

Widow can teleport, which allows her to vanish into the cyan beams emanating from her fans and reappear behind the player to attack. A well-timed roll or backhand spring can easily avoid it. In addition, the player has the option to stop the attack by striking Widow before her teleportation is complete.

2. Life steal

Widow may restore her health by 250% of the damage caused to Shadow with each successful strike thanks to the Lifesteal enchantment on her fans and ranged weapon.

3. Regrowth

Widow can restore 4.5% of her health for 5 seconds after being hit because of the Regeneration enchantment on her head and armor.



  • Weapon: Shogun’s Katana
  • Ranged Weapon: Keen Chakram
  • Magic: Asteroid

Perks and Enchantments

1. Summoning

Shogun can summon his bodyguards, who will materialize on both sides of the screen, hit Shadow once, and then vanish. There is no way to assault these enlisted bodyguards. Additionally, their strikes cannot be stopped. But you can avoid them. The bodyguard that is called upon is contingent upon the battlefield positions of Shadow and Shogun.

2. Overheat

With each hit, Shogun can apply the Overheat magic to his Katana and ranged weapon, which increases the damage he does by 200% on subsequent strikes.

3. Damage

Enchantment of Absorption Head Protection Magic Body Defense Due to the damage absorption magic on Shogun’s armor and helmet, all damage inflicted to Shogun’s body or head in a single attack may be absorbed. 


This battle is a great way to get money and Shadow Orbs because defeating each monster yields a substantial payout.

EnemyXPCoinsShadow Orbs (Eclipse)
Lynx20850,000 Coins1,418 Green Orbs
394 Red Orbs
Hermit201,800,000 Coins2,835 Green Orbs
788 Red Orbs
Butcher202,800,000 Coins4,253 Green Orbs
1,181 Red Orbs
Wasp203,900,000 Coins5,670 Green Orbs
1,575 Red Orbs
Widow205,100,000 Coins7,088 Green Orbs
1,969 Red Orbs
Shogun17,600,0000 Coins8,506 Green Orbs
2,363 Red Orbs


Every character in this article about the foes’ benefits and spells has special skills and tactics that provide for an interesting and varied gaming experience. Players may tactically navigate through encounters to obtain rich rewards like money and Shadow Orbs by focusing on tactical fighting and resource management. This makes every encounter both tough and profitable.

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