Bosses in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK come in two types. The first are boss demons from the Shadowland, while the rest are called Eternals. The devils, who were once people, are the shadow bosses. When “Shadow” violated the “Laws of the Elders” and unlocked the gates, people entered through them.

shadow fight 2 Demons & Bosses

He must obtain the doors’ seals to close them. In the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition battle, Eternals are mysterious monsters who emerged when the Shadow Fight gates were unleashed. While the Eternals fight in multiplayer, the Demons fight in single-player mode.

Shadow Fight 2 Demons

Demons are the name for Titan’s henchmen. Every bad demon has an additional five bodyguards. Players must first defeat each bodyguard before engaging in combat with these demon bosses. Each demon boss combat has three rounds, except the Interlude battles. Each round has a maximum time cap of 99 seconds. There is a five-round limit.

Shadow Fight 2 Demon Bosses in Sequence

Here are full details on each Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK boss.
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shadow fight 2 Hermit demon boss

You will run against Hermit, the second demon boss, in Shadow Fight 2 APK Mod. His magic is famous. His bodyguard’s number five. Each of them has a name based on a certain martial art.
Hermit demolished every academy in his city so he could construct his own. The hermit’s supporters hate him and have nothing to gain from his effort to figure out the enigma.

One of Hermit’s followers, Dragon, learns about the competition full of optimistic champions competing for a place at Hermit’s foundation. The winner will discover the mystifying power of the Hermit. Hermit is the primary enemy who uses magic and wields a few one-handed swords. He swaps from one ranged weapon to another once the player defeats him. Hermit utilizes magic frequently since he can swiftly refresh it. He shifts from utilizing Lightning Arrow to Water Ball after being defeated


SF2 Lynx Leader of order

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK Mod, Lynx is the leader of “The Order,” a grouping of hired murderers. Instead of dispatching Shin to deal with the player when he first encounters him, he justifies the player as a horrible warrior. Five guardians protect the Lynx, and their destruction frees the player to engage the Lynx in combat. He uses Lynx’s Claws as a weapon.  These claws can reach a fair distance and deal a lot of harm. The main enemy that uses long-range weaponry is Lynx.

He has the extraordinary ability to throw down a smoke bomb and vanish. He gives over the Blue Seal once you defeat the Lynx. The player may buy ranged weapons from the store by beating them. If you triumph against Lynx in Eclipse mode, you will also receive his hooks as a reward.


Wasp Princess of pirate king

The third boss in Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is Wasp, the Princess of the Pirate King. Wasp assumed the role of Pirate King because her father had vanished. Additionally, she has five guardians, each of whose names are related to the ocean. The first three “bodyguards” are members of “New Blood,” a revolutionary alliance of pirate squads that reject Wasp. The final two “guards” are focused on Wasp, though. A green naginata belongs to wasps. She has the amazing ability to jump off the limits of the fight area and slam across the screen, damaging the player.

Wasp admits that she murdered the Pirate King for sure by following Widow’s instructions after being crushed. The Purple Seal is the reward for defeating her.


evil enemy butcher

Butcher, an evil enemy, ranks third among the Shadow Fight 2 mod APk unlimited everything and max level bosses. He has five guardians, like Lynx and Hermit. Bird, who attempts to capture the three heroes (Shadow, Sensei, and May), is his most noteworthy guardian. She drives them to a little part of the city, promising them without a doubt that it will blow their minds. She attacks after following them to her goal, but Shadow manages to get the better of her. Following Bird’s fall, the heroes are led to Butcher by the remaining members of Butcher’s Gang.

Butcher raises children from an early age, molding them into brutish and aggressive adults. Hermit introduced Butcher to “the Hero” in Act II by name. A few meat knives that the butcher equips produce bleeding on contact with the player. He has a remarkable ability to shift the ground and generate a little earthquake.


bad boss is widow

The next bad boss is Widow. She also has five guardians, each named after an animal, which is especially prevalent in chilly areas. It indicates how heartless she is. how much she admired Shadow, she didn’t appear to be moved by her appeal. Except for Puma, Widow’s sole female guardian who serves Widow to help her fulfill what she wants, her “bodyguards” are those who are thrilled by her charm and beauty.

Widow employs a few fans that have a siphoning effect. She has a special ability that allows her to manage Shadow as she magically transports behind him.


Evil Force Boss Samurai

The evil force in the Shadow Fight 2 boss lineup is Samurai. He has five guardians in all. The names of every bodyguard for the Samurai are designations from the military forces. He is the ruler of Ivory City, a populated urban area that is not far from the Gates of Shadows. Shadow Fight 2 hack unlimited coins and gems max level appears to be the former Prince of Ivory City, which has passed away, according to Samurai and his guards. A guard mistakes Shadow for The Prince and informs the person one level above in the hierarchy, but they don’t fully accept the lesser official and continue to punish them until they ultimately receive a beating.

A person of imperial descent, a Samurai. He formerly had a job with the Prince. seeing the aforementioned Prince’s incompetence and how his nation was in shambles as a result of him. Without his troops’ knowledge, the Samurai arranged the Prince’s demise while retaining his authority. Even while the nation was undoubtedly more developed and amazing than it had been under the Prince’s leadership, Samurai’s bodyguards claimed that his authority had become oppressive and even somewhat totalitarian.


Demon boss titan

The main antagonist and last boss of Shadow Fight 2 is Titan. The demons fear him because he is a powerful champion who has subdued many universes. Titan has the power to quickly bend someone’s will and shape their memories and thoughts. Before engaging Shadow, Titan’s guards observe the demon managers. They claim to be superior to the demons, and Titan thinks that these guardians are just as powerful as Shadow in every way. The song “Citadel” plays while the player engages in a fight with Titan’s guards. He sends May before the player faces Titan.

Titan carries a massive, two-edged sword known as The Desolator. Given how heavy the weapon is, it has a handle attached to one side to make it easier to use. If the player defeats Titan again in Eclipse Mode, unlike other demons, he will not receive his weapon.

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