You can get (the Monk Set) in Shadow Fight 2 APK by obtaining the coveted Monk gear that requires martial proficiency. Act II, The Secret Path to Get (the Monk Set) in shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk: Master the difficult “Ascension” combat, then outfit the whole Monk set to unleash its legendary power. It’s not only about getting by; it’s also about dancing sensually, dodging harm, and striking deftly. Once you’ve mastered the skill of evasion, the legendary enchantment of the Monk will show you its boundless possibilities. Only the committed can uncover mysteries hidden in the darkness.

how to get shadow fight 2 tempest rage monk set

The more unblocked hits your opponent has, the higher the charge; but, if you are hit, the charge will decrease, so fight sensibly and be ready. Because obtaining the Typhoon of Spirits (Sentinel Set) requires progressing through the game, the set of monks is crucial.

3 Methods for Obtaining the Monk Set in Shadow Fight 2 APK

  • If you’re wealthy, you can purchase a chest of woodland mystery for 329 gems or 5000 shards, which will allow you to purchase the tempest rage from the raid store.
  • To receive an item from the monk set as a prize, you must grind a little bit and place it first in your DAN in the Underworld.
  • It’s possible to win it in the Mystery Box, but your chances are slim.

Equipping for a Monk Set

The equipment a monk carries consists of the following 5 items.

  • Monk’s Katars
  • Monk’s Robe
  • Monk’s Helm
  • Monk’s Shuriken
  • Monk’s Amulet

Monk’s Katars

you will constantly struggle to hit your opponent

This is a weapon that functions similarly to knuckles. Although this is a potent and lethal weapon, you will constantly struggle to hit your opponent.

Monk’s Robe

Monk's Robe

This armor is meant to shield you from your adversaries’ powerful blows and preserve your charge to the greatest extent possible—that is if you can defeat them.

Monk’s Helm

Monk's Helm

This exquisitely crafted helmet will save you a great deal of energy and power while shielding your head from hostile strikes.

Monk’s Shuriken

Monk's Shuriken

By keeping your distance and using your katars or other powers to strike, you may utilize this weapon to assist you in assaulting your opponent from a distance.

Monk’s Amulet

Amulet is Magical and charmed weapon

This amulet is magical and charmed with Tempest Rage and Poisoning at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must conquer the difficult “Ascension” battle in Act II, The Secret Path, in order to get the Monk Set in shadow fight 2 special edition. Then, in order to unleash the legendary power of the Monk set, you must equip the full set. It’s not only about getting by; it’s also about fighting classy, dodging harm, and landing precise hits.

The amount of unblocked strikes you land on your opponent raises the charge for the Tempest Rage ability of the Monk Set. But use caution—getting struck will reduce the charge. Thus, use caution when fighting and be ready with a well-rounded plan.

The Monk Set may be acquired in three ways in shadow fight 2 mod apk unlimited everything and max level:

  • Tempest Rage may be purchased from the raid market using a Chest of Woodland Mystery, which costs 329 gems or 5000 shards.
  • You must place #1 in your DAN in the Underworld in order to win an item from the Monk Set. To do this, grind a bit.
  • The Monk Set can also be acquired by winning it in the Mystery Box, however, this is not very often.


The Monk Set is the pinnacle of martial skill in Shadow Fight 2 APK. Take on the difficult “Ascension” combat, accept the entire set, and become an expert at dodging and hitting precise hits. Tempest Rage, a monk-set spell, charges with unobstructed attacks but drains with hits. Get it from the Mystery Box, DAN rankings, or raid shop. This kit, with its five distinct parts, is more than simply an equipment set—it’s a route to proficiency.

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