Many people emailed me asking for a review of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. So, without further ado, here is a thorough and honest review of the Shadow Fight 2 special edition Mod APK. Combat amongst Shadows Fight 2 special edition is the premise of this thrilling combat game. Some people truly underrated this game, but when they play it, they can be certain that they will become addicted to the fighting game and not let go of their smartphone till the battery dies.

Shadow Fight 2 Poster

You must have experienced all the game genres if you consider yourself to be a gamer, right? Starting with games like puzzles, racing, combat, and adventure, every one of you has a preferred genre, right?

Fantastic Animations Review

Fighting games, particularly those with an anime theme like Naruto, Onepiece, Dragonball, etc., are my favorite genre. I’m not sure why fighting games stand out from other genres, but it’s obvious that a game that features excellent combat action and enticing graphics must be incredibly thrilling.

Fighting games may be a lot of fun even if they have poor visuals; one such game is Shadow Fight 2 Mod, formerly one of the most-played games on Facebook. You may already experience combat like those in Tekken games or even more with visuals that just rely on Shadow Fight Mod APK. However, this time I’ll talk about Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK unlimited everything and max level, not the original game.

How To Play SF2

shadow fight 2 mod apk unlimited everything and max level is a simple eight-way joystick and two buttons fighter game. Understanding the control scheme is crucial since there are 8 different ways that players can combine attack buttons in the game to create potent combos.

Game Modes Review

While the game offers a variety of play options, Story Mode is the most engaging since it pits you against powerful foes. Unfortunately, in Story Mode, in order to overcome every adversary, you must grind your level and equipment in order to face the subsequent foe. This is essential because if one bodyguard is vanquished, the next will be tougher than the previous one, and so on until you face the boss.

There is also a Tournament Mode where you may compete against other warriors. Due to the closer similarities between fighters in this mode compared to Story Mode, it is one of the best modes for grinding. There will be 2 rounds in the battle; if you win both, you are deemed the victor; otherwise, there will be 1 more round.

It was also a nice thing in this shadow fight 2 Mod APK review to state that in addition to these two game types, there is also a Survival Mode and Dual Mode that you may play. You will fight as usual in Survival Mode later, but the blood from the previous combat will carry over to the next fight when you defeat the current opponent. Different is Dual Mode, which pits you against top competitors but is only accessible once every three to four hours.

Legendary Weapons Review

In this post where I review Shadow Fight 2 APK, I also like to appreciate another interesting thing, which is legendary weapons and gadgets that you can use when you reach the high level. If you fulfill the requirements you can buy these weapons, and you can update these weapons to make better quality, as well as headgear and armor.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with shadow fight 2 hack unlimited coins and gems max level. One advantage that isn’t present in typical fighting games on the mobile platform is the animation, which looks very fluid and realistic. Another is the sound effects, which draw us into the fight’s atmosphere. You may download it using this link if you’re intrigued to give it a try. Overall, I’m pretty happy with shadow fight 2 special edition apk.

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