shadow fight 2 titan


Shadow Fight 2 Titan MOD APK is good news for those who like fighting and martial art games. You can now become a martial artist without any experience. The Developer uses unique old martial arts in fighting style.

New Epic battles

All the characters in shadow fight 2 mod apk game are shadows with different powers and physical appearances. You can now play the game in an online PVP mod or also use a multiplayer mod and battle with worldwide random players with different fighting skills. You can also play the offline mod in shadow fight 2 Titan MOD APK latest version. The story plot is that you have to save your planet from the demons and dark powers who are trying to destroy your land.


The game is not difficult to play, rather mastering it is an art. Different controls on the screen will help you to control your character in this unique 2D world. You can also select a training mod and practice your weapons and characters. You can also practice different action buttons, jumping, attacking, kicking, and firing, and give your character a new combo move.

powerful battle magic


Unique Weapons

A fighter without weapons and style is nothing. So in this game, any character chosen by you can be equipped with unique weapons. So you have to choose the style of your character and then its weapons to make your character more powerful and unbeatable.


Playing with only one character is boring, this is a human thing.
Making things more interesting this game has added many unique sorts of fighters that you can use.

Different Fighting Locations

This game also has lots of maps and locations. There are too many different maps and locations that you can choose for battle.

Demons & Bosses

In this MOD, you have to face 2 different categories of opponents. This first one is simple demons, demons are easy to defeat but the other one is demon boss, who is very strong and difficult to defeat and fight.

Hundred of weapons

What’s New in Shadow Fight 2 Titan MOD APK?

  • New Characters have been Added
  • Technical fixes
  • Some minor fixes
  • Loading optimization
  • Bug fixed
  • Better performance
  • New battle pass
Locations with stylish music


In Titan shadow fight 2 special edition titan mod apk new characters have been added, new battle passes, and some minor fixes for better performance.

No, you can download and play this shadow fight 2 titan Mod without rooting your device, just download, install, and enjoy.

Yes, this MOD version is totally safe to download and install, you just have to confirm that you are downloading the file shadow fight 2 mod titan from a trusted source.


Shadow Fight 2 Titan MOD APK is the game with the best unique fighters, multiple characters, and maps. All the fighters, weapons, and maps have been unlocked in this chapter.

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